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Per Arne Glorvigens command of the bandonenon was delicate and vital.
– New York Times 09.10.1998

If Per Arne Glorvigen werent such and expert on the bandoneon, we could make jokes about his playing the quintessential South American instrument pretty well for a Norwegian. But his accordionlike instrument brougt such piercing bite to Piazzollas angular rythms and such caressing mellowness to his lyrical flights that jokes arent needed.
– Chicago Sun-Times 14.10.1998

Norwegian Wizard of the Buttons

…The performances precision was breathtaking. With a glance and a nod Glorvigen locked his partners (The Alban Berg Quartet) to the dancefloor, up and down those sad, lurching tango phrases that never want to end.
– The Times 20.05.2003

Glorvigen and the Alban Berg Quartet gave the piece an impressive symphonic sweep, as well as gripping sadness.
– The Guardian 15.05.2003

Bandoneonplayer Per Arne Glorvigen is excellent,his pliable tempos are linked with superb dexterity.(Critic on the record Tango Sensations with the Alban Berg Quartet).
– The Strad October 2004.

Tango as it should be…

Playing solo, each of these four young musicians (Tango for 3) shows a profound knowledge of the instrument and a genuine feeling for the genre. In their acting they also reveal a good stage sense. With mischievous glances or witty comments, they manage a special sort of complicity with the audience.
– Buenos Aires Herald 30.06.1992

A musical leader of prime class
– De Telegraaf, Amsterdam,11.03.2003

A brilliant soloist
– Het Parool, Amsterdam,11.06.2001

The bandoneonplaying of Norwegian P.A.Glorvigen revealed that a hemisphere of distance means nothing when it comes to identifying with a musical language.
– David Wilkins, Music and Vision from Istanbul Music Festival june 2000.